Survival and First Aid

Survival supplies should be considered a necessity for anyone who has an outdoor adventure, we do not need to load up on gear we’ll never use, but we should have on hand what might be needed for the type of outing we go on, whether it’s a family camping trip at a campground, if  you venture farther into the country by vehicle, backpack it in, remote fishing spots or hunting trips, things do happen and you should be prepared.


The two things I would recommend everyone have, regardless of where they go is a good quality fixed blade knife, pocket knives are nice but the fixed blade goes beyond and can be considered a tool with many uses.

A flashlight, and not that D cell that’s like carrying around a bat. With the technology today, flashlights have become much brighter and smaller, able to fit into your pocket, with multiple power settings and even a strobe. I would recommend one with a high and low setting because battery life can be short with constant use, so be sure to have a few extra sets of batteries. These use AA, AAA, or Lithium, any of these power sources are fine, the lithium has a much longer shelf life, up to ten years but are much more expensive.

That now brings us to First Aid, the is just no way any outing should be without a first aid kit.

Here is a listing of the brands and products we carry.


Ultimate Survival

Fire starting supplies and wire saws



Compass and thermometer



Wind and waterproof matches, wire saws



Water purification



Candles and candle lanterns



Hell Fighter


Insight Technologies





CR123A Lithium



Adventure Medical Kits

Quality USA made first aid kits ranging from a single personal kit to kits for the outfitter or guide

SOL (survive outdoors longer) kits

Heatsheets Emergency Blanketscamp5

Blood Clotting

Blister and Burn Care

Insect Repellant

Food Grade Water Bottles


Para Cord


100 ft. bundlessurvive6

1000 ft. rolls

Various colors






Never Say Die