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Another Senseless Shooting

I would like to express my sorrow for the families and friends of the victims, and hope the American People will remember them in their hearts and prayers.


Once again we have another crazy with a firearm  who thinks he can gain fame by killing. Yet all it is, is a senseless act, cowardly. Most of the shooting victims were students, kids, to die at such a young age is unimaginable.

This  guy was no more than a crazed terrorists, in my opinion, expressing support for the IRA, and has been said to  have a dissatisfaction  for organized religion.  Made posts the day before hinting at what he had planned. He also targeted only Christians.  Normal people do not do this.

The reaction from the government, almost right away, before much was know was GUN CONTROL, what a surprise. It has been reported that the firearms were bought legally.  Now we know this guy was not right, he was even kicked out of the military. If he was the one to purchase the firearms, considering the fact that I believe the government knows everything there is to know about us, you would think that would throw up a flag on the background check. If he bought more than one handgun at a time, the firearms dealer has to submit a report to the BATFE for a multiple hand gun sale. If they want the report you would think they would investigate the sale, or do they just file it away. We have laws for GUN CONTROL, and responsible gun owners do not violate them.  And what about the gun laws, maybe he squeaked by the back ground check, maybe someone bought them for him, which is AGAINST the law. With the amount of firearms he had in his possession, I would  think he would have to have acquired them over a long period of time without arousing suspicion, so was he planning something for a long time. If he bough them all over a short period of time, with all those background checks would the Feds not flag that. Most all of the past shootings have occurred at Gun Free Zones, even the one at the military recruiting office, which I do not know why a military installation would be Gun Free, a side arm should be part of their uniform. So, by bringing a firearm into these Zones, it is a violation of our GUN CONTROL Laws, plus these Zones do not allow for responsible people to have away to protect themselves. We have GUN CONTROL laws, the bad guys just ignore them. We need to get rid of these Gun Free Zones, you might as well put up a sign that says shooting gallery, it seems obvious that these wackos know they do not have to worry about anybody shooting back at them.

The government wants more GUN CONTROL, short of trying to take away our Right to Keep and Bear Arms, I am not sure what else they think they can do, except maybe enforce the laws we have.

Responsible Gun Owners can carry responsibly and possibly prevent this from happening. If there were no gun free zones then the criminals would not have the opportunity of not having to worry about any resistance to what they plan on doing, and maybe stop the killing of our children.

Now I am not suggesting we become an armed society, but we might have to. If the Police were allowed to do there jobs without worry of repercussions that would help, there are going to be bad cops but most are not, and stop letting the violent offenders out of prison early.

If you are concerned about your Second Amendment Rights and where all this might go, and you are not an NRA Member, then I suggest you join. They are the number one source for protecting your Right to Keep and Bear Arms. They tirelessly keep on top of what your government tries to get away with. Besides the benefits of memberships far out weigh the minimal cost to join. There is a link on the home page of this site where you can join. I urge you to do so now.

Are We Doomed

It’s a good question with everything that’s going on, the Iran deal and now another terror attack in our own country.

The nuclear deal with Iran releases most all of the sanctions against them and yet they have said they will not change their attitude towards the United States. They will continue to fund terrorists groups and with the release of their assets they will be in a much better position to do so.  Mr. Obama may think he did something great for the country or even the world but what if they do cheat and nuke someone in the near future.

With the attack on our Marines in Chattanooga, will we have more within our country, with all the people coming in whose to say how many are terrorists, and are they just waiting for the right time to harm Americans. Will we start looking like a Middle East country where there is violence almost everyday, with possible attacks on schools, malls, theaters. Do we have to start paying more attention to our surroundings, expect a possible attack, is this the possible fate of the country.

There are many more things I would like to comment on and probably will but I want to keep these posts short, so there will be more to come.

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